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Computer Ergonomics

By Dr. Jonathan Schaller

As a nation we are spending more time at our computers, both at work and at home. Recent studies show the average American uses a computer almost 15 hours per week, making good ergonomic design essential.

Following are factors to consider when setting up your computer work stations:

  • Choose a chair with firm support in the lumbar (low back) region. The best position is 100 – 110 degrees of seat back tilt.
  • Sit with your feet flat on the floor. Don't let your feet dangle in the air or rest on the legs of the chair. Shorter people may need a block of wood or short stool to rest their feet on.
  • The angle of the keyboard should allow you to type with your wrists in a neutral position. The monitor should be at a height that doesn't cause you to tilt your head up, or bend your neck down.
  • If working long hours, take frequent rest breaks to stretch your muscles and allow your eyes to relax by refocusing on something other than the monitor.
If you experience pain or stiffness from prolonged use of the computer, consult your doctor of chiropractic for safe, effective, scientifically-based treatment.

Jonathan Schaller is a Doctor of Chiropractic practicing at Hamilton Chiropractic Health Center. Please address questions for him to: 23 Broad St. Hamilton, NY 13346 or call (315) 824.2504.

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